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An alternative client for Tweetdeck


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Since acquiring Tweetdeck, Twitter has let this app lose momentum, up to the point where it's actually abandoned support for a number of development parts, such as its native desktop client for Windows. Tweeten is here as an unofficial alternative to Tweetdeck, and it's aim is to diverge more and more both in its appearance and functionality.

To all practical ends, Tweeten is a Tweetdeck clone whose main allure is being available both as a browser extension and as a desktop app that you can use in a separate window meaning you can minimize it to your task bar at your own leisure. Logging in is simple, just type in your Twitter account data as per usual, and all of your saved columns will appear if you had a previous Tweetdeck account. Not only that, but all of the features and functions on Tweetdeck are ready to use on Tweeten.

In terms of major differences with its original, Tweeten offers a much more polished interface that is constantly being improved via updates, making usage much more practical and comfortable in almost every sense. Not only that, but forking from the original, Tweeten has a lot of new features that aren't on Tweetdeck. Without a doubt, the solution is here for those of you who had to sit by and watch as your favorite Twitter client lost its clout as time went by.
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